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(4) My game experience and why Axie Infinity is different

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简介         In Last article, I wrote about a solution about SLP and AXS consumption and how to get new players. Today, let’s talk about my game ...

        In Last article, I wrote about a solution about SLP and AXS consumption and how to get new players. Today, let’s talk about my game experience and opinion.

        I am a Chinese software engineer. My favorite things include food, music, games, cartoon and novels.

        First of all, let me list some classic games I have played these years, you can see how many games we played are the same.

        The first time I played big computer games is in the 6th grade of primary school. I read some electric magazine and knew computer game was developing fast and very interesting, but there was no computer or Internet in my room, so I didn’t have an opportunity. One day, my friend and I learned that there was a computer room near our homes (At that time, the computer room was regarded as very, very bad thing by parents) , we discussed it for a long time and finally decided to have fun in it.

         When I began my computer game life, I was immediately attracted by a real-time strategy game "Red Alert" and an FPS game “Counter-Strike” (CS), I immersed myself in playing games. However, after playing when I returned home, my mother criticized me strictly, I mean computer games are really interesting but the result of playing was very bad.  


        The classic games that I played during junior middle school life  includes  “Fate of The Dragon”, “Warcraft III”, “Mir 2” , “Cross Gate”, “Age of Empires (AoE)” . By playing these games, I had a lot of fun, I like the virtual world , people and their stories in games.


    During high school, my classmates all studied hard for the university, so I did the same. I left computer games for a long time. The only game that I had impression during high school is the “Insaniquarium”, it’s short but funny.


        In the second year of university, I got my own computer, read some novels about online game or meta-universe, even imagined to be a hero in online game world. I happened to know that virtual things in “Dungeon Fighter” (DNF) can be sold for real money , I was amazing and decided to play it at once. I remember there was a beautiful and cool sword in the game called "Shining meteor" which may worth more than 2000 RMB at that time, so I spent a lot of time.


Sadly, the most valuable thing I got is a “Pitch-dark Bamboo bracelet”  , which worth only 18 RMB. Like other millions of DNF players in China, I say a lot of f*** to the game company and their boss on the Internet because of the low magic find (treasure drop rate).


What makes me disappointing is that after complaining, low treasure drop rate continued .And I find I became more and more angry, sad and sad everyday. Later DotA 1 became popular, I started to 5vs5 battles with my classmates, and have real fun of playing games from that time.


        In university, the games I liked to play alone included: “Need for Speed 9”,  “Romance of the Three Kingdoms 9” and “Powerful Edition of Romance of the Three Kingdoms 11”.



        During that time, there were two games that suddenly exploded, "Plants vs. Zombies" and "Angry Birds". In 2016, the birds was made into a movie and appeared on the big screen.


        Graduated from university, I began to play mobile games, such as “Clash of Clans”, “Boom Beach”, “Naruto : Mobile Games”, “Honor of Kings”(or“Arena Of Valor”) and “Three Kingdoms Tactics”.


        One day my good friend told me to register a steam account. Then we played several interesting games such as “Don’t Starve”, “Terraria”, “Stardew Valley”, “Duck Game” ,these games can be played by myself or together with my friends. I think games make the distance close.


        Although a lot of people always think that playing games is a waste of time and energy, but I think players often enjoy it. Games become important parts of players. Game companies have made considerable profits and some come to the top , such as Tencent.

        However, many decentralized online games are very unfriendly to ordinary players. They care about big customers who spend a lot of money in games. These games spend money on advertisement,  game development and daily cost. They attract a large number of normal players together with several whale players. They make players waste a lot of time, money, energy in an unfair virtual world, and many games disappear in a short time. Why?

        I would like to answer this question with a Chinese modern poem by Mr. Zang Kejia:

“There is someone”

There is someone who is alive, but already dead;

There is someone who is alive, but still alive.

There is someone who rides roughshod over the people, shouting "Oh, I am great !"

There is someone who commits himself/herself to others just like horse and cows.

Someone carve his/her name into the stones , want to be "immortality";

Someone prefers to be weeds, waiting for the fire to burn.

Someone lives the way which makes other people almost die;

Someone lives the way which help the majority of peoples’ life better.

Ride on the people, people broke him down;

The one who serves like cows and horses for other people, people remember him/her forever!

The name carved into the stone rotted earlier than corpse;

As long as the spring wind blows, green weeds everywhere.

He/She lives the way that makes others cannot live, his/her fate can be seen;

He/She lives the way for others to live better, people lift him/her very high, very high.

        For those bad centralized online games, the whale players who spend a lot of money on playing games are real customers. Other players are like digital data or tools, just like NPC. Game companies provide games to players, hoping to get more “Whales”, the whale players would like to be superior and admired by other players so they spend more and more money in games. While other normal players can come and play for free, they are not important at all.

        But for Axie Infinity, it makes decentralization come true , its community is full of energy, Axie Infinity team regard players as partners. They hope partners will actively participate in the game, including game play modes development and solve questions they find in games, then players will obtain AXS tokens and other rewards.

        I am disgusted with those bad centralized online games, because many game companies ignores normal players, just want to please rich players, they give opportunity rich players to show power of real money again in the virtual world by telling players “spend more money, you will be strong and goodlooking”, they just stimulate the negative emotions of human beings, such as arrogance, jealousy and ostentation.  Players are always influenced by game companies easily.

        I will never forget that when I played DNF, I always feel bad, didn’t get a good game experience. I played DNF PVE maps many, many times, just for the sake of game treature. I always feel tired and angry because of the low drop rate. I feel that I was tricked by the game engineers.

         When I go to the DNF Baidu Post Bar to read the words of other players, I see complains full of screen.

        What makes me appreciate Axie Infinity is that it does not have the problem of treat rich players as the center. All players are equal in game content, and they can get incentives for the appreciation of NFT Axies. Even the poor have the opportunity to gain money through the game and have fun. Even the rich should curb their intentions to make others admire.

        The truth of games or other virtual worlds should be the same as reality: Money come first?

        No, I think this truth should be allowing players to have the opportunity to participate positively, equally, with enthusiasm, and to be happy in the virtual world. If the game develops well with the support of players, players can even make money from their game NFTs!

        The truth should be allowing everyone to obtain the dividends of the Internet era, rather than letting players to waste time, money, and emotions in vain, only make online game companies earn a lot by cheating all players. And everyone even include those who need help . For example, the scholarship encouraged by Axie Infinity will help those who don't have enough money to play the game and share profit!

        To many centralized online game companies, the virtual assets of the game are still private property of the company. Therefore, they get revenues for themselves , they have no motivation to allow many player to share.

        Do those analysts have courage to question those centralized online game companies: Why they take all the dividends of the Internet era? Isn't it a problem that the dividends of the Internet era are all taken away by the online game companies? Should most players be crushed by those whale players, and constantly feel the power of money in virtual online games?

       If the Steam platform has helped many game companies through the Internet, to have a chance to sell games to players.Then the NFT-based Axie Infinity, which is willing to grow together with players and share the bonus of online games, is really just a Ponzi scheme and will only be a short-lived one in game history?

        At that time, energy, emotions and wealth that people spend in the virtual world will no longer be simple time wasting and the huge wealth of a few online game companies, virtual world of games will truly become an extension of real life.

        At that time, wealth created in the virtual world can also be used in real world easily. Not only be used to make game players earn, but also be used to help anyone who needs help!

Thank you for reading. In the next article, I want to talk about problems I meet when I play Axie Infinity.

        Best wishes to Axie Infinity!

        The article was first published on my personal CSDN blog.

        The article was first officially published on 阿蟹中文网 ,link:https://axiecn.cn/  , thanks to the support and encouragement of owner of 阿蟹中文网 。