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(6) What can Axie Infinity do before Meta-Universe come true

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简介         After the explosion of the NFT game Axie Infinity, many other NFT games imitating it have sprung up one after another. The Meta-Univer...

        After the explosion of the NFT game Axie Infinity, many other NFT games imitating it have sprung up one after another. The Meta-Universe shown by the movie "Ready Player One" has been mentioned time to time , activate people to buy crypto-currency and NFTs. People come into the bubble, thought the opportunity to make a fortune is just in sight. At the same time, many people remain sober, tell others about speculative risks. I think that neither excessive excitement, nor excessive caution is necessary. There is still a long way to go before Meta-Universe arrives, before that there are many work to do.

        In addition to game content, Axie Infinity also has great potential in animation, and has conditions to become a big cartoon IP. I mean, for now its conditions includes:

        1. Frame setting , including lands , battles, resources;

        2. 2D cartoon images design;

        3. Popularity promotion, now it is well known in the world;

        4. A big group of loyal fans and players, and the number is gaining. On the game community Discord, active players and fans often create comics with Axie themes in their spare time.

        5. Accumulation of original funds;




        I recommend people go to the game website, have a look at the cartoon images. It is really cute. When I changed the WeChat avatar to Axie , my mother said that this time my avatar was very cute , o(^▽^)o.


        Axie Infinity official website is https://axieinfinity.com/.  I think the left work of making Axie Infinity a good cartoon IP is to fill it with rich content, which will create many mental jobs. Cartoon makers are able to receive a large amount of positive incentives from Axie Infinity Team. At the moment when the cov-19 epidemic is raging and physical jobs are greatly reduced, players get a chance to see Axie Infinity becomes a good cartoon step by step, and players who has axis have right to share, how exciting?

        For now , my question is:

        1.     Can holders of Axie, land, and AXS have all the rights and profit of the game? If only a small number of Axie holders can have, it will not be enough for the player community to hold and persist for a long time. If everyone can get all the rights and profits, that will be a revolution in the distribution of game companies and player groups. The players of the game will share the fate with the development of the game, not just pay money to the game company or give time and energy to increase the heat.

        2.     Account asset security, retrieval, private key modification. As I write articles about my bad experience, I was cheated by scammers. But I could not get all my AXS and Axie back.That is unsafe for players. So I think email check and phone code check should be able to choose for players.Several days later, when I can claim my SLP, they were also taken away.

        About animation and production, I think it is more suitable to be made as a cartoon for young teenagers, like the British cartoon "Peppa Pig". The story of "Peppa Pig" revolves around the happy experience of Peppa and his family, which is humorous and interesting. It promotes traditional family concepts and friendship and encourages children to experience life. “Axie Infinity” can also portray Axie's life in their hometown, fight with enemies, and promote traditional concepts and friendship.


        The design, production, and completion of cartoon animation is actually a process that takes a long time. In fact, part of the game content of Axie Infinity was designed and developed after being inspired by Pokémon. If many people start to work hard to create Axie Infinity's anime stories in 2021, then I believe that in the future it will definitely become a famous animation worldwide, and its anime value will also be immeasurable by that time!

        In the short term, Cov-19 has caused many manual workers lose their jobs. It is necessary to solve the problem of manual workers after unemployment, and provide more mental labor ( temporarily replace manual labor, this not means forever). And this NFT game mode will provide the opportunity to share game earn and rights with players. If the game develops well, the benefit will be good. Players will actively participate and form a loop of positive incentives. If it can allow all players share the dividends of the game, not just become a tool for game company. Then it is really a great part of life for the player community.

        In the long run, after human beings eliminate the epidemic, Axie Infinity's mode of sharing games and cartoon IP with players through the NFT Axie will be a huge benefit for those with disabilities. In physical work, people with physical disabilities are disliked by employers, but in mental work that can be done at home, physical disability is no longer a limiting factor, and the rewards for their mental work will be good for their life in reality. I mean they can rely on their own efforts through work in the virtual world. As early as 2011, in the game World of Warcraft , there was an example of a disabled person relying on mining to make a living. This is a good example of disabled people sharing the dividends of the Internet era. But for this kind of news, most people have listened just for freshness.

        After the development of cartoon animation, Axie Infinity can start the second step: develop cartoon animation peripheral products, including but not limited to: toys, stickers, stationery (school bags), food (cake, ice cream, biscuits), clothes. After the market develops to a certain scale, consider implementing SLP payment methods that will get discounts, which will greatly stimulate the actual demand of SLP.


        These peripheral products will bring income other than game NFTs transactions. If part of these income can be attributed to the holders of Axie pets, land, and AXS, it will greatly increase the actual value of these NFT assets and further stimulate more players to join Axie Infinity. That will form a positive cycle.

        A longer-term plan is that after successful development of Axie Infinity animation and peripheral products. "Axie Infinity" theme park can be considered. There is "Little Pig Page" theme park in the UK, and "Angry Birds" theme park in Finland. They are either based on cartoon images or game content, while in Vietnam and the Philippines there are a large proportion Axie Infinity gamers, Axie’s cartoon image is now widely recognized in these two countries and many other countries. Axie Infinity can also first consider these two countries or other suitable cities when creating theme parks.


        Another suggestion is that if SLP can be used to pay for consumption in “Axie Infinity” theme parks in the future, it will bring new demand for SLP. When people buy SLP and use SLP to pay with a certain discount, then it will be more attractive than cash card!


        Compared with the remoteness of Meta Universe, cartoon animation, peripheral products and theme parks have had successful precedents. Working in this direction is just a matter of course. If Axie Infinity can work with players in this direction, then in the future, its economic model will not be as simple as listed in many analysis articles.

       The possibility of becoming a big cartoon IP is also one of its advantages that distinguish it from other NFT games. Many other NFT games are either unattractive in cartoon image design, or unsuitable for animation in terms of gameplay and story content, and there is not enough support from the player group, lack of funds.I mean it is extremely difficult for their games to become successful cartoon anime.

        People should learn to look at this up-and-coming star in the game industry after three years of development. Axie Infinity has the basic conditions to become the next "Angry Birds". Even if it surpasses "Angry Birds" in the future, I will not surprise.


        The virtual world can have only game content or only have animation content, but successful virtual world is a combination of the two and make things come to the real world, such as Marvel World and Disney World. Although in a short period of time, the cartoons, animation characters, and pets in the virtual world are not known for people, but when they are widely recognized and have a certain audience, they can be very successful in reality, as small as toys, stickers, and stationery (School bags), food (cakes, ice cream, biscuits), clothes, as large as theme parks, and these things do not require VR technology and computing power(“HASH RATE”) to reach a high level.

        Why do these articles talk about the meta universe again and again, as if the technology can suddenly reach the level of the "Ready Player One"? In fact, those are just the voices of speculators who want to use this hot spot to make money.

        For the Axie Infinity team and all players, we only need to work hard, step by step to achieve short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals, lay a good foundation, and move toward the ideal "meta universe" of Axie Infinity!

        Good luck for Axie Infinity and all players.

        The article was first officially published on 阿蟹中文网 ,link:https://axiecn.cn/  , thanks to the support and encouragement of owner of 阿蟹中文网 。