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简介 2021 年 11月 4日17:00,Larix项目做客追风社,与大家分享 AMA 内容的嘉宾是Larix项目CMO Dimz 为大家分享主题是:Solana公...

2021 年 11月 4日17:00,Larix项目做客追风社,与大家分享 AMA 内容的嘉宾是Larix项目CMO Dimz 为大家分享主题是:Solana公链的终极借贷门户。

以下是本次 AMA 的文字整理。

主持人:Larix is a p2p borrow/lending platform and has some interesting plans for NFT collateralization. Welcome Dimz, can you give a brief intro of yourself and Larix?

Dimz你好,Larix 是一个 p2p 借贷平台,并且有一些有趣的 NFT 质押计划。 你能简单介绍一下你自己和 Larix 吗?

Dimz: Hi, guys, I am Dimz, CMO at Larix. I come from a background of Economics and Investment Management. After discovering Bitcoin a few years ago and when second generation blockchains and DeFi started to get traction, I had to find out for myself what the hype is all about, so I got into contact with an existing experienced team and I joined. Now we are here more than a month after our Mainnet has launched.

大家好,我是 Dimz,Larix 的首席营销官。 我以前从事的是经济学和投资管理。几年前了解到比特币后,当第二代区块链和 DeFi 开始受到关注时,我意识到我必须亲自了解其宣传炒作的全部内容,因此我与现有的(经验丰富的)团队取得了联系并加入了。 现在,在我们的主网启动一个多月后,我们来到了这里。

Larix is the lending protocol where users can participate as suppliers or borrowers on the Solana chain. We are the first lending protocol on Solana who accomplished basic lending/borrowing functions in conjunction with a platform token distribution function. For now, we have 15k mainnet users and had 47k testnet users prior.

Larix adopted a dynamic interest rate model and created capital-efficient risk management pools, as such a broad selection of collateral types that can be fully utilized in a safe way. Furthermore, the LARIX token, based on a delicately designed token economy, enables continuous incentive allocation to boost real demands.


Larix 是借贷协议,用户可以作为供应商或借款人参与 Solana 链。 我们是 Solana 上第一个结合平台代币分发功能完成基本借贷功能的借贷协议。 目前,我们有 15k 主网用户,之前有 47k 测试网用户。

Larix 采用动态利率模型并创建了资本高效的风险管理池,因此可以安全地充分利用各种抵押品类型。 此外,LARIX 代币基于精心设计的代币经济,可实现持续的激励分配以提高实际需求。



主持人:Awesome, let’s kick it off with a popular question recently: why did you choose Solana as the chain of choice?

好的,让我们从最近一个热门问题开始:你们团队为什么选择 Solana 作为首选链? 

Dimz:Solana now is on its way to becoming a very popular public chain for the Defi world due to its lower trading fees and faster transaction speeds. At the heart of Solana’s ascendancy is the Proof of History algorithm leveraging SHA256, which enables a throughput of higher than 50,000 TPS, averaging 400–600ms block time, having 900+ nodes globally, with an extremely low transaction fee of ~$0.00025. For now, Solana has already built a strong ecosystem occupying ranges of projects: Defi, Cross-chain assets, Gaming, and NFTs.

由于其较低的交易费用和更快的交易速度,Solana 现在正在成为 Defi 世界中非常受欢迎的公共链。 Solana 优势的核心是利用 SHA256 的历史证明算法,该算法的吞吐量超过 50,000 TPS,平均出块时间为 400-600 毫秒,在全球拥有 900 多个节点,交易费用极低,约为 0.00025 美元。 目前,Solana 已经建立了一个强大的生态系统,涵盖了多个项目:Defi、跨链资产、游戏和 NFT。


主持人: So, back to Larix, what kind of assets are you supporting on the Larix protocol? I mean, Solana is a fast chain, but yet, SPL assets are in their early stages.

那么,回到 Larix,你们在 Larix 协议上支持什么样的资产? 我的意思是,Solana 是一个快速链,但是,SPL 资产还处于早期阶段。

Dimz:Absolutely right. We considered that initially. Larix will support Solana native SPL tokens. So here is our plan moving forward.

In phase1, we only accept the most popular cross-chain assets with large market caps, At the moment, we support BTC, ETH, SOL, USDT, USDC, FTT, RAY, and Serum. The reason is for the safety of the users and to mitigate any potential liquidity risks on the platform. Hence, stability, security, and longevity is our core focus.

In phase2, Larix will move on to accept synthetic assets like indexes, gold, and stocks. Indexes are a good way to give users an added layer of guarantee, to collaborate cross-chain assets with SPL tokens, for example, 'BTC-SOL-RAY-USDC' index. An amazing project building this at the moment is Symmetry, and we looking forward to collaborating with them on this.

In phase3, Larix will begin to accept NFTs as P2P lending. NFT now is a huge market and have locked a large amount of token value. We want to give NFT holders the chance to collateralize their appreciating collectables and be able to borrow against that value.


对的。我们最初考虑过这一点。 Larix 将支持 Solana 原生 SPL 代币。所以这是我们前进的计划。


在第二阶段,Larix 将继续接受指数、黄金和股票等合成资产。指数是一种很好的方式,可以为用户提供额外的保障,将跨链资产与 SPL 代币进行协作,例如“BTC-SOL-RAY-USDC”指数。目前正在构建的一个引人瞩目的项目是 Symmetry,我们期待与他们合作。

在第三阶段,Larix 将开始接受 NFT 作为 P2P 借贷。 NFT现在是一个巨大的市场,锁定了大量的代币价值。我们希望让 NFT 持有者有机会抵押他们欣赏的收藏品,并能够以该价值借款。


主持人: I am curious to find out what you mean with “safety of the users”


Dimz:You see, if you support tokens which have a market cap of only $10m for example, it raises the risk of manipulation and radical price fluctuations. When that kind of token is collateralized on the Larix protocol and suffers a fatal drop in price, you have to bear the liquidation loss. That's why we only accept big large cap assets, which are safer to integrate into an over-collateralized liquidity pool.


你看,如果你支持市值只有 1000 万美元的代币,就会增加操纵和剧烈价格波动的风险。 当这种代币在 Larix 协议上抵押并遭受价格致命下跌时,您必须承担清算损失。 这就是为什么我们只接受大型大盘资产,将其整合到超额抵押流动性池中更安全。


主持人:That’s interesting. Users should be careful about the new tokens and listings. Do you have any other ways to guarantee user safety?

那很有意思。 用户应该注意新的代币和列表。 有没有其他的方式来保证用户的安全?

Dimz:Sure. Security is at the core of Larix. Here are some examples of how the Larix protocol insures user assets:

Firstly, an isolated liquidity pool avoids relevant risks in response to multiple flash-loan attacks and malicious market manipulations.

Secondly, our dynamic interest rate model manages liquidity to avoid a “Bank Run” when depositors need to withdraw assets from the pool. Hence, the interest rate is determined by the utilization rate of the liquidity pool which changes every 0.4s, made possible by the Solana Blockchain.

Thirdly, and to emphasize secured collateral, assets are supplied to the liquidity pool and additionally selected for collateral to borrow against. Therefore, assets not selected for collateral can never be liquidated. The control is 100% in the users' hands

Lastly, that of instant liquidation, Larix also provides an 8% liquidation bonus to liquidators, to facilitate fast liquidation times.


当然。 安全是 Larix 的核心。 以下是 Larix 协议如何确保用户资产的一些示例:


其次,当储户需要从池中提取资产时,我们的动态利率模型管理流动性以避免“银行挤兑”。 因此,利率由流动性池的利用率决定,流动性池的利用率每 0.4 秒变化一次,这由 Solana 区块链实现。

第三,为了强调有担保的抵押品,资产被提供给流动性池,并额外选择作为抵押品进行借贷。 因此,未选择作为抵押品的资产永远无法清算。 控制权100%掌握在用户手中

最后,在即时平仓方面,Larix 还为平仓人提供 8% 的平仓奖金,以加快平仓时间。


主持人:Tell us about your mining function embedded in your lending/borrowing protocol.


Dimz:Our mining capability embedded within the lending protocol has added tremendous value to our users. Users who provide liquidity and interact with the platform are rewarded as a way to distribute $LARIX tokens to our wider community. The current daily distribution amounts to 840,000 tokens per day, which is valued at roughly $54,000 at the time of writing. This is subject to decrease over time, set forth by our tokenomics within the roadmap.


我们嵌入在借贷协议中的挖矿能力为我们的用户增加了巨大的价值。 提供流动性并与平台互动的用户将获得奖励,作为向我们更广泛的社区分发 $LARIX 代币的一种方式。 当前的每日分发量为每天 840,000 个代币,在撰写本文时价值约为 54,000 美元。 这会随着时间的推移而减少,这由我们在路线图中的代币经济学提出。


主持人:So what are some of the highlights about Larix recently, how has it been going since your mainnet launched?

那么最近 Larix 有哪些亮点,自您的主网启动以来进展如何?

Dimz:Recapping what Larix has accomplished in the last month and how we are anchored in the Solana ecosystem to take advantage of what is coming for our industry:

·  Total Value locked in Larix reached $500 million

· We have strategically formed partnerships with Raydium, Marinade, Tulip Finance, Orca, and next is Symmetry.

· We have integrated with Sonar Watch, DeFi Llama, Math wallet, C98 wallet, Slope wallet

· Listed on MEXC, Bitmart, Gate and LBank, Raydium, Step, Dexlab, and more coming

· Available on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko



回顾 Larix 在上个月取得的成就,以及我们如何在 Solana 生态系统中立足,以利用我们行业即将发生的事情:

· Larix 锁定的总价值达到 5 亿美元

· 我们与Raydium、Marinade、Tulip Finance、Orca等战略合作伙伴,接下来是Symmetry。

· 我们已经集成了 Sonar Watch、DeFi Llama、Math 钱包、C98 钱包、Slope 钱包

· 在 MEXC、Bitmart、Gate 和 LBank、Raydium、Step、Dexlab 等上市

· 在 Coinmarketcap 和 Coingecko 上可用

Thanks to Larix CMO Dimz for coming to the ZhuiFeng Community, and hope that the future Larix will be more powerful!

感谢 Larix CMO Dimz 来到追风社,希望未来的 Larix更加强大!

This AMA is jointly organized by Zhuifengshe and Larix. Thank you for your support and attention. See you next time.

本次 AMA 由追风社、Larix联合举办,感谢各位支持、关注,我们下期再见。